- - Pirelli Launches CINTURATO Gravel RC X Tire

Pirelli Launches CINTURATO Gravel RC X Tire

Pirelli has expanded its range of off-road tires with the launch of the CINTURATO Gravel RC X, a newer version of the Italian brand’s CINTURATO Gravel RC that became the choice of serious gravel riders for its ability to tackle even the most challenging of terrain.

“Designed for rough roads, mixed terrains, the toughest gravel trails, CINTURATO Gravel RC X is the ideal choice for riders who compete in iconic races of this discipline as well as for the most extreme bikepacking. The X stands for Extreme, and indicates a category of Pirelli bike tires dedicated to the toughest and most demanding uses,” boasts Pirelli.

“CINTURATO Gravel RC X is the tubeless ready tire that offers even greater robustness on the sides, combined with excellent rolling resistance. From the Gravel Series to the Unbound races, the CINTURATO Gravel RC X tyre can comfortably handle the most extreme competitions: it is smooth and fast on hard surfaces and on straight sections, thanks to a central tread with low and dense knobs and offer great grip on curves, thanks to its sides with high and penetrating knobs,” adds Pirelli.

The tread of the RC X model is the same one found on Gravel RC. However, the new tire features Pirelli’s TechWALL X construction and a 60TPI nylon casing with longer overlap on the sidewall, resulting in improved puncture resistant. In addition, there’s a bead-to-bead protective layer of high-density square fabric that further enhances strength, as well as corning stability.

Additionally, like the other tires in the CINTURATO Gravel range, the new CINTURATO Gravel RC X is also treated to Pirelli’s proprietary SpeedGRIP compound, which features great durability, excellent chemical grip on wet surfaces and reduced rolling resistance.

The CINTURATO Gravel RC X is available in sizes 35-622 (Classic), 40-622 (traditional black) and 45-622 (Classic).







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