- - Pix Introduces the First Smart "Animative" Backpack for Cyclists

Pix Introduces the First Smart “Animative” Backpack for Cyclists

Electronic accessories and wearables are becoming increasingly important for people to communicate, track their fitness and show-off personal style, while also elevating their safety.

To help cyclists be better seen by other road-goers, Pix has introduced the first smart “animative” backpack that allows riders to control its illumination and appearance right from their smartphone. 

“PIX is a trendy, functional backpack, perfect for daily commutes, adventuring or walking around campus. PIX’s durable design is water resistant and shock resistant to keep belongings safe during any endeavor”, says the company.

The backpack has a fully-colored screen built into the shell and is available in four different colors, grey, yellow, purple or blue, wherein cyclists  can easily and quickly control PIX’s appearance with a mobile app via Bluetooth connection.

With a library full of pictures, animations, widgets and games for the rider to choose from, the backpack can display things like weather, social media notifications, turning signals, time and date, Tetris games and more. In addition to the unlimited content provided, cyclists can also create their own designs.

“Everyone uses a backpack, and everyone has their own unique style,” said Sergii Iezdin, Co-founder of PIX. “With society’s focus on self-expression, technology and high-performance, we jumped on the idea of combining these factors along with safety. We’re excited to help people unleash their creativity in the backpack industry because nothing else is as customizable as PIX.”

PIX is compatible with any 2A output & USB Type-A powerbank. A 20,000mAh powerbank, which will power PIX for about 12 hours is also available. With several separate compartments for ample storage space, PIX also has plenty of room for a laptop, tablet and other belongings.

However, the real benefit for cyclists is the backpack’s signaling ability, which allows riders to activate turn signals via a wireless remote that mounts to the handlebar that also features a large red stop sign when they come to a halt.

The PIX backpack is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter where early-backers can purchase one for $199.00 .

For more information about the campaign, you can visit

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