- - POC Sports Incorporates Printed Ceramic Technology Into AVIP Apparel

POC Sports Incorporates Printed Ceramic Technology Into AVIP Apparel

Always at the cutting-edge of technology and safety, the Swedish company POC Sports has added Printed Ceramic technology to its AVIP range of apparel as a means of creating added protection for cyclists.

What is Printed Ceramic technology?

According to POC, the technology involves the inclusion of highly durable ceramic panelling in key areas of the jersey and bibshorts (i.e. shoulder, sleeves and hip), which is designed reduce the consequences of an accident or fall, particularly the road rash.

POC Sports says, the innovative material is not only designed to reduce friction when it comes in contact with hard surfaces, it’s highly flexible as well, allowing for maximum aerodynamic efficiency by disrupting airflow and minimizing drag.

In addition to POC Sport’s Printed Ceramic technology, the AVIP jersey also comprises a lightweight, four-way breathable stretch fabric, which features mesh panels under the arms for enhanced ventilation.

The AVIP bibshorts incorporates the innovative Printed Ceramic technology along the side panels, adding protection to legs and hips in case of an accident or fall.

POC Sports says, the AVIP Ceramic bibshorts have “dynamic properties and have been constructed with stretch and compression fabrics to ensure an optimal fit and function”, wherein the compact structure of the fabric supports the rider’s muscles, which helps circulation and recovery, while the integrated stretch and flatlock seam construction provides the optimal level of comfort and flexibility.

Additionally, POC Sport’s unique silicone based chamois technology has been designed to bring a new level of comfort and function to cycling bibs, whereby silicon inserts have been strategically placed to reduce road vibrations and pressure points, while the chamois material around the silicon inserts has been optimized for enhanced airflow and reduced chaffing.

The AVIP Printed Ceramic range consists of both short and long sleeve jerseys, along with POC Sports’ VPDS bibshort.



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