- - Pure Cycles Introduces CAPACITA Electric Cargo Bike

Pure Cycles Introduces CAPACITA Electric Cargo Bike

Not every new bike has to involve drop-handlebars, aerodynamic profiling or the ability to tackle any kind of off-road terrain courtesy of massive tires and clearance in order to be exciting. Even some of the most sophisticated electric bikes can seem commonplace, whereby most of them seem to offer the same function.

However, Pure Cycles utilitarian CAPACITA electric cargo bike seeks to combine innovation and practicality, making it one of the very few high capacity eBikes on the market.

“CAPACITA is more than just a bike or a rider or a motor, it’s the seamless integration of all things “go” finished up with the features designed to make your two-wheeled life as simple and seamless as possible. From taking your kids to school, to hauling heavy cargo, to riding 40 miles without breaking a sweat, to the peace of mind that comes from GPS security tracking – our CAPACITA’s packed with perks to keep you happy in the saddle”, says Pure Cycles. 

The CAPACITA features an aluminum frame, built-in smart app, GPS anti-theft tracking, integrated front and rear lights, Tektro disc brakes, full fenders, wide  24 x 2.35-inch WTB Thickslick tires, a front basket, extended rear rack and removable rear foot platforms, with an impressive overall carrying capacity of 175 pounds.

Additionally, the CAPACITA’s Class 1 e-bike’s Bafang 350W rear hub motor and 42V 10Ah Samsung battery can provide a range of 20 to 40 miles.

The CAPACITA  retails for $2,499, but Pure Cycles is offering special incentives to early backers through its Indiegogo campaign to reserve one for just 1,399, with even deeper discounts on purchases for multiple bikes.

You can learn more about the CAPACITA and Pure Cycles’ crowd-funding campaign by visiting their Indiegogo page here.


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