- - Rapha and Paul Smith Collaborate on New Collection of Cycling Apparel

Rapha and Paul Smith Collaborate on New Collection of Cycling Apparel

Inspired by the decades-long friendship between Rapha’s Simon Mottram and designer Paul Smith, this latest collaboration stems from a mutual, lifelong love for the sport, as well as a joint passion for creativity and innovative design. Mottram and Smith’s friendship began twenty years ago, and now spans both their personal and professional lives. From inspiration, to mentor, and now friends and collaborators, it all began because of the bike.

“Paul and I are really just two long-time fans of cycling. We share decades of excitement about racing and veneration of cycling heroes – something that brought us together from the earliest days of our friendship. This collaboration was our opportunity to bring that shared history to life, and to tell the stories of so many other friendships founded in cycling from around the world,” says Mottram. 

“Collaborating with Rapha and Simon once again has been such an honour – working with someone with shared ideals is always a great pleasure. We were both brimming with ideas for this latest collection, and I hope it shines with our love of the sport as well as our fascination with vintage cycling jerseys,” adds Smith. 

The new collection comprises jerseys, caps, socks and shoes, taking inspiration from the 1960’s era of cycling, featuring a mix of both bold colors, as well as monochromatic shades, with the aim of immortalizing television images, posters and newspaper clippings from that period.

The new Rapha and Paul Smith collection is available at Rapha. cc and


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