- - Rapha Hints at New Saddle Collection

Rapha Hints at New Saddle Collection

Rapha has issued some spurious details that hint at a collection of new saddles that are due to launch in April.

Based on the images that Rapha has provided, the new range bear a striking resemblance to the Fabric ALM saddles, albeit with some details akin to the British apparel company’s style.  

Rapha says, the new saddle collection is comprised of the Classic and Pro Team range, which undertook two years of design and development in order to match their corresponding range of bibshorts.

Unfortunately that’s all Rapha is willing to lift the curtain on for now.

Perhaps, more details can be found at your nearest Walmart.  🙄 

more from Rapha…

Every cyclist strives to achieve a true connection between body and bike. Our saddle project has had this synchronicity in mind since day one, two years ago. The shape and design of the new Rapha Classic and Pro Team Saddles exactly match the chamois pads from the corresponding Rapha bib shorts, and you’ll be able to shop according to weight and width to find your perfect perch. You’ll ride in sync with the bike, ready to enjoy the freeing feeling of flight on two wheels.



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