- - Rapha Launches Shadow Range of Apparel

Rapha Launches Shadow Range of Apparel

Rapha announced today, the launch of its new Shadow range of cycling apparel that’s designed specifically for riding in bad weather.

What separates the Shadow technology from the competition, is Rapha’s laminate and membrane construction, which effectively keeps the rain out, while also preventing perspiration from escaping.

“Shadow is a breathable, highly protective single layer made possible by a pioneering, Italian-milled, stretch-woven fabric that contours to fit the position of a racing cyclist,” says Rapha.

“Developed at the request of Team Sky for a garment to wear across various and changing race conditions, Shadow is the leading edge of product development from Rapha.”

According to Rapha, the yarn they use, is specially treated with a durable water repellent, before being stretch-woven into fabric. From there, the material receives a steam-pressure treatment which shrinks it by 50%, before it’s treated again.

“What that produces is an extremely dense fabric,” said Rapha’s Lead Designer Graeme Raeburn. “It wouldn’t be physically possible to actually weave yarns that close together and so, consequently, Shadow provides very high wind resistance and excellent water repellency. It also has a fantastic range of movement and fit and, that crucial difference, amazing breathability.”

So far that’s all of the information Rapha is releasing on the Shadow range. However, the apparel is already available online, or at any of the Rapha Cycle Club stores.

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