- - Rapha Teams Up with GORE-TEX on New Collection of "ShakeDry" Rain Jackets

Rapha Teams Up with GORE-TEX on New Collection of “ShakeDry” Rain Jackets

Rapha has teamed-up with GORE-TEX to create a new collection of rain jackets, using ShakeDry technology to keep cyclists protected from the elements.

The collection consists of three jackets, the Pro Team Lightweight and thPro Team Insulated, which comprise a two-layer waterproof construction that beads water on the surface of the jacket, along with the hooded, half-zippered pullover Explore that features GORE-TEX’s Active fabric.

“The collaboration of Rapha with Gore-Tex product technologies, beginning in Fall 2019, is an exciting partnership opportunity for two brands with strong legacies in technical products,” said Rick Macdonald, European Sales Leader at the W. L. Gore & Associates Fabric Division. “The collections will feature Gore’s innovative, forward-thinking approach to what is possible in road cycling fabric technology.”

The Pro Team Lightweight jacket has already been spotted being worn under the auspices of team Education First, and is billed as a “superlight, extremely breathable and waterproof packable shell that can be raced in while keeping the rider perfectly dry.”

Using GORE-TEX’s ShakeDry technology means the jacket can literally be shaken dry as water only sits on the surface of the shell and doesn’t permeate the fabric.

The insulated version of the jacket uses Polartec’s Alpha insulation on the inside, combined with an external ShakeDry layer to provide protection during the coldest and wettest of riding conditions. Moreover, the jacket comprises a stretch hood with vents on both side as to not hinder the cyclist’s hearing that can fit underneath the helmet.

Both jackets are available in men’s and women’s specific sizes, which retail for $295 (lightweight) and $430 (insulated).

As mentioned, the Explore uses GORE-TEX’s Active technology, which is not only waterproof and breathable, but adds reflective details for increased visibility in dark riding conditions.

Additionally, the jacket features a large front pocket for storage and an integrated “stuff sack” to transform the pullover into a makeshift pillow.

The price of the Explore is $345, which is also available in men’s and women’s specific sizes.




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