- - Rapha Updates Classic Collection with New Recycled Materials

Rapha Updates Classic Collection with New Recycled Materials

In keeping with the ethos of lessening a company’s carbon footprint and embracing sustainability, Rapha has updated its Classic Collection to include the use of new recycled materials.

“Recently, we have also committed to improving our impact on the world around us by finding more sustainable ways of creating our products. Any changes we made would not only have to uphold the values the Classic Jersey represents but also reduce its environmental impact,” says Rapha. 

“We’re aiming to be a carbon-neutral business by 2025. Along the way we’ll be reducing our impacts by transitioning to 100% renewable energy, 100% low impact packaging, and environmentally preferred materials across 90% of our seasonal production. It’s a long and challenging road ahead, but the greatest changes often come from the smallest starts,” adds the British brand.

While the style of the Classic Collection will remain the same, the garments will feature recycled polyester that would otherwise have gone into a landfill.

“What might sound insignificant at first – swapping out a fabric on one jersey – actually has a domino effect for our environmental impact as a brand,” explains Duncan Coulter, Rapha’s sustainability manager.

“Rapha Performance Merino (RPM) – the foundation of the Classic Jersey – is also used elsewhere in our range, making this a high volume material for us. In switching out the virgin polyester to a yarn made exclusively from post-consumer recycled materials, this benefit reaches out to a number of other products,” Coulter explains. 

The recycled Classic Collection consists of both men’s and women’s short and long-sleeve jerseys, as well as bibshorts.  





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