- - Reform's Seymour Saddle is Designed to Mold to Your Body

Reform’s Seymour Saddle is Designed to Mold to Your Body

While there’s a seemingly endless array of saddles on the market that claim to rely on extensive modeling and pressure mapping in order to create what each brand touts as the ultimate perch, Reform’s Seymour is actually designed to mold to the rider’s body thanks to its unique carbon construction and moldable pressure zones.

“The Seymour, is a thermo-moldable, high-performance, bike saddle designed for cyclists who strive to get the most out of every ride. The nature of the dynamic, on-bike molding process allows the Seymour to mitigate points of unwanted pressure, ensure direct and equal weight distribution and balance asymmetry in both the body and pedal stroke, giving you a true custom saddle feel. By moulding the saddle to change its shape we achieve a performance saddle that does not forgo comfort,” boasts Reform.

Featuring a simple, synthetic cover, the Seymour measures 142mm wide by 252mm long, with a pronounced depression in the center, along with significant curves that make up the wings. Underneath, there’s a full carbon shell, where you’ll find a discrete plug-in that connects the saddle to a heating unit that’s powered by an A/C adapter. 

To properly mold the Seymour to one’s undercarriage, Reform suggests using a stationary trainer and follow these steps:

  • Mount your bike in stationary bike trainer. Install your Reform saddle. Plug the saddle into the proprietary heating unit.
  • Hop on your bike. Set a timer based on the included forming instructions, turn on the A/C unit and pedal for the recommended 3-5 minutes while the saddle heats. Once heated, turn off the A/C unit and continue pedaling for another 5 minutes while the saddle cools.

The Seymour sells for $399, which comes complete with a heating unit that customers can return for a refund.

“Reducing our e-waste foot-print is core to our mission at Reform, so we’ve designed a closed-loop recycling system for handling the Reform electric heating units. Return the Reform heating unit and receive a refund of $50! We’ll include instructions and a prepaid shipping bag with your order and when you’re ready, ship it back to us and we’ll issue your cash back! For now, this program is only available in North America,” explains Reform.

The only caveat with the Seymour that we can see, is that it comprises oversized 7x10mm carbon rails, a spec that’s compatible with very few seatposts.









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