- - Repente Introduces New CR Version of the Quasar Saddle

Repente Introduces New CR Version of the Quasar Saddle

Repente has introduced a new, lightweight version of its Quasar saddle called the Quasar CR, which tips the scales at a mere 130 grams, making it one of the lightest padded saddles available. 

The Quasar CR achieves its feathery weight thanks to the adoption of T700 carbon fiber that’s used throughout the rails and shell.

The saddle measures 260 mm x 142 mm, a length that Repente says is an “ideal compromise between the necessary freedom of movement for the cyclist, while at the same time provides highly effective support when peddling.”  

The profile of the Quasar CR features a flat design, along with a large central opening for relieving pressure in the perineal area, while the wide rear support surface has been modeled in accordance with Repente’s Close Fit anatomical/ergonomic technology, “shaping that ensures seat comfort without having to use thick layers of padding.” 

Additionally, the Quasar CR gets Repente’s water-based PU, anti-slip microfiber cover, which is designed to “allow the most effective pedaling position to be easily maintained, without however hindering free movement on the saddle.”

Also, the nose of the saddle tapers at the tip, allowing for an easy transition from a seated position to out-of-the-saddle sprinting, and back again. 

Made entirely in Italy, Quasar CR sells for 189 euro.

  • COATING Water-based PU Microfiber
  • PADDING Polyurethane foam
  • SUPPORT STRUCTURE PA12 Long Carbon Fiber (LCF)
  • RAIL UD Carbon Fiber T700 Ø 7×9 mm
  • DIMENSIONS 260 mm x 142 mm 
  • WEIGHT (± 5%) 130 g (4.58 oz)





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