- - RGT Cycling Adds "Racing Parameters" to Its Virtual Cycling Platform

RGT Cycling Adds “Racing Parameters” to Its Virtual Cycling Platform

RGT Cycling has added Racing Parameters to its free virtual cycling platform, a new function that enables riders to create their own race formats including “hosting and competing in Time Trial and Elimination events”.

“Recognizing that one of the most engaging aspects of competitive cycling is its diversity and that there is a suitable discipline for every type of rider, RGT Cycling sought to develop a system which welcomes riders from all disciplines and allows them to compete and train in the virtual, in the same way they race out on the road,” explains RGT Cycling. 

Time trials

RGT Cycling says users can now organize and enter time trial events on the company’s existing routes or by creating their own route modeled on their favorite real-world courses using Magic Roads (for which users upload a GPX file). Riders can determine the field size, the intervals at which riders are released from the start gate, toggle drafting on or off and race against the clock in what RGT says is “the most immersive and accessible virtual time trial competition format available.”


Borrowing the elimination race or ‘devil take the hindmost’ from track racing, as its rival Zwift has done, this could be a lot of fun on RGT. The last rider over the line is eliminated each lap, with the final few riders battling for the win. RGT says its new elimination Racing Parameter lets you design or enter an event, decide on entry numbers and elimination format, choosing the number of riders eliminated per lap as well as the number of laps between an elimination lap.

Breakaway update

RGT has also rolled out a new update, Breakaway, which it says will improve rider experience. Updating the app will include new features including:

  • Updated screen and companion app to improve user experience
  • Improved navigation to make finding your next ride, race, group or training ride easier
  • Ride Magic Roads with a single click
  • Training equipment is now connected both from the app home screen and when in a ride
  • Easier access to Support
  • Improved avatar customisation process
  • Simplified locating of other riders to ride with
  • Creating and sharing events is more intuitive

RGT Cycling’s head of brand and marketing, James Vickers, said says, “creating the world’s most realistic virtual reality cycling experience is what RGT Cycling is all about, whether that’s visiting some of the world’s most iconic Real Roads such as the Paterberg or Passo dello Stelvio or recreating your favorite ride locations with a GPX upload to generate Magic Roads. Racing Parameters is the beginning of the ‘next gen’ of virtual cycling, opening up the platform for use in whichever way the rider wishes to use it.

“This is that next step towards providing an ever more captivating and immersive experience where, like cycling in the real world, the only limitation on how challenging and fun a ride is depends on how imaginative a rider or event organiser is willing to be. We’ve only just started with race parameters and have big plans for the future”



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