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Rituel Cycling Apparel

Rituel is a new cycling brand hailing from New Zealand, who’s looking to get their range of apparel off the ground through a vigorous Kickstarter. 

Here’s their ditty. 

The idea for Rituel came about with Chris & Mark’s growing frustration at the lack of good looking kit on the market. We were sick of sporting the same threads as MAMILS while riding, when we wouldn’t be caught dead looking like them off the bike. And equally, we didn’t want to sell an organ to purchase some of the kit that was more to our liking.

So we decided to do something about it.

Between the two of us we had no experience in designing apparel; Rituel was going to need some design talent to pull the looks together. This is where Soph came into the mix; a cycling chick with an impressive portfolio of outerwear and apparel design to some of the worlds leading outdoor apparel brands. Soph understood our vision and was dead keen to be part of the team!

We knew the range needed to utilise all the materials and technology that cyclists have come to expect, so we hunted down some suppliers with the credentials to deliver. An Italian cycling kit manufacturer, and a second generation New Zealand sock maker were the preeminent suppliers we landed on, and we are confident you will not be disappointed.

The range had to be affordable, look great, and importantly, have the ability to be mixed and matched, but still work. The idea being that you get yourself some Rituel bibs, a couple of jerseys and pairs of socks, and you have yourself a handful of different looks, all for the same price of a single look elsewhere.

Take a look through our pledge rewards below. We have of course included our season one cycle specific range, as well as a few items that are not constructed of lycra, to keep even the unenlightened happy.

Here’s glimpse at their range, which includes everything from jerseys and bibs, to caps and socks.  




What’s different?

-Rituel kit will have you stand out from the pack (or should that be peleton), but only if you want to.

-Rituel is, and always will be affordable. We love what some of the boutique cycling brands are doing to drag the sport out of the dark ages, but don’t think that anyone should have to forgo coffee, beers or a decent contribution to their new carbon wheel set to pay for it.

-Rituel jerseys have been designed to ensure that two or more jerseys match one style of bib short. So by purchasing two jerseys and their corresponding matched bib shorts, you get two completely different, yet deliberate looks.

-Good ol’ value for money means you are going to get some top quality kit. All Rituel kit is designed by Soph; sure Chris & Mark have some sway in the looks but she is the gatekeeper. Soph has, and continues to, work with some of the world’s leading outdoor, adventure and surf brands so knows exactly what’s up in terms of manufacturing, materials and the latest style.

-We settled on Italy’s preeminent cycling apparel company for our bibs and jerseys, providing us with access to leading materials, cuts and technology which ensures that our clothing performs just as well as it looks. We then worked with a second generation New Zealand sock maker, giving us the luxury of starting from scratch with design but drawing on two lifetimes of learnings to ensure we got it right.

-We love boys and girls. Soph has ensured that the ladies are not an afterthought! We don’t just make dudes gear and then “shrink it and pink it”. From the get-go we have and always will be an inclusive brand that promotes females riding.

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