- - Saris Launches New H3 Indoor Smart Trainer with MP1 Nfinity Moving Platform

Saris Launches New H3 Indoor Smart Trainer with MP1 Nfinity Moving Platform

Saris has launched its latest direct-drive indoor smart trainer called the H3, along with its new MP1 Nfinity moving platform. 

Since acquiring the indoor trainer brand, CycleOps, Saris says it’s employed the best features of the previous H2 into the new H3, resulting in quieter and smoother performance than ever before.

“The H3 features the same reliability and durability as its predecessor, and it’s 59 decibels at 20mph, compared to the 66 decibels of the previous H2”, says Saris. 

“Each H3 is made from cast and machined aluminium sourced from America’s heartland. Encased inside are components meticulously calibrated to measure power, speed and cadence, as well as a precision-balanced flywheel – all built to handle 2,000 watts and replicate a 20% climbing grade,” the company adds. 

Saris claims the new H3 offers a power measurement accuracy of +/-2%, which features dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth FTMS protocols that can work with virtually any device and indoor cycling app like Zwift, Rouvy and TrainerRoad.

The $999.99 H3 weighs approximately 47 pounds, and is compatible with all Shimano 8-11 speed cassettes in both quick-release (130mm and 135mm) and thru-axle (142mm and 148mm) frames.


  • Noise level:59 decibels at 20 mph
  • Power measurement accuracy: +/- 2%
  • Maximum power output: 2000 watts at 20 mph
  • Simulates a 20% climbing grade
  • Fast response electromagnetic resistance
  • Measures speed, cadence and power – no external sensors needed
  • 20 lb precision balanced flywheel
  • Integrated dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth FTMS standards
  • Built-in front wheel block
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Compatible with Shimano 8-11 speed cassettes
  • XD/XDR freehubs sold separately (link)
  • Thru-axle compatible for bike frames with fork widths of 142 or 148.
  • Quick-release compatible for bike frames with fork widths of 130mm and 135 mm.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of devices and indoor cycling applications, including Rouvy, Zwift, TrainerRoad and many more. Contact us with questions about compatibility with other software.
  • Headless mode (powered on, not paired to any apps) lets you ride with a progressive resistance curve that matches the Fluid2 (link).
  • LED indicator lights communicate connectivity and more.
  • Direct drive design directly connects the bicycle to the resistance unit, eliminating tire wear.
  • Internal cooling technology ensures accurate ride data even during the hardest of workouts.
  • Folding legs provide widest footprint of direct drive indoor bicycle trainers on the market for added stability and easy storage.
  • Accessible and balanced handle allows for smooth, anyone-can-carry transit of the trainer.
  • Over the air (OTA) firmware updates and calibration via the Saris app (link to firmware page)
  • Maximum weight (rider and bike): 300 lbs.
  • Cassette sold separately
  • Dimensions when Open L*H*W: 31”x18.5”x19.5” (787.4×469.9×495.3 mm)
  • Weight: 47 lb. (21.3 kg).

The MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform is designed to complement the H3 trainer, offering side-to-side and forward/backward movement aimed at simulating real-world, outdoor riding conditions.

“Side-to-side movement isn’t new, but it also doesn’t capture the natural movement you experience outdoors,” says Saris. 

“The MP1 with Nfinity technology truly moves the way you do because it adds the fore/aft axis to the equation…  The result is an innovative technology combining curves, axes, gravity physics and mechanical ingenuity… [It is] an unparalleled trainer platform that re-imagines the indoor trainer experience altogether.”

The MP1 features a base frame and top frame that move independently of one another, relying on a large leaf spring re-center fore and aft and side-to-side motion. 

Saris says the NFinity not only offers realistic outdoor riding conditions, but tests using pressure mapping and motion capture technology also show that the platform can significantly reduce saddle and foot pressure compared to a static trainer. 

“From engaging the upper body to get through sticky spots to activating smaller, key muscles to stay balanced, the MP1 is the only way to recruit large and small muscle groups while riding inside,” says Saris.

The MP1 is made from steel, aluminum and birch, along with an adjustable front wheel block that’s suitable for both road and mountain bikes.

Saris says the $1,199.99 MP1 Nfinity is also compatible with all major brands and models of bike trainers, not just its own.


• Technology: Saris Nfinity

• Max Fore-Aft Travel: 9.5” 

• Max Side-to-Side Angle: 6° 

• Compatible with all major brands and models of bike trainers. 

• Materials: Steel, aluminum and birch 

• Weight: 62 lb 

• Dimensions: 6” tall x 63” long x 35.5” wide 

• Fully assembled in box 

• Grip tape strategically placed to assist in walking on the trainer platform. 

• Tested to the combined weight (rider, bike and trainer) of 350 lb. 

 • Built-in front wheel block for road and MTB.




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