- - SCICON Launches New Aeroscope Cycling Glasses

SCICON Launches New Aeroscope Cycling Glasses

Spotted during this month’s Giro d’Italia, SCICON has launched its latest pair of cycling glasses called the Aeroscope, which the Italian brand claims “entirely redefines adjustability, having been designed in partnership with professional cyclists and with great attention to detail”.

One of the Aeroscope’s main features is the length-adjustable temples called Scala that allows the rider to achieve an ideal fit for any helmet retention system and head dimension, while the Horizon Adapt mechanism is a height-adjustable nosepiece that enables fine-tuning the field of vision by 5mm.

“With the push or pull of the Horizon Adapt nosepiece, each rider can adapt the position of the lens, eliminating glare and discomfort,” explains SCICON.

Additionally, a VenteX funnel is located in the top center of the lens that’s strategically placed outside the rider’s eyesight in order to protect it from direct light, while also serving to generate airflow to prevent fog buildup behind the lens. Moreover, the SCICON’s interchangeable lens system makes for easy swapping of lenses.

Designed specifically for cycling, the frame’s Pantoscopic tilt of 12° is twice that of standard eyewear. This addition gives cyclists an optimal lens angle while wearing a helmet, reducing aerodynamic resistance and improving performance.

With protection and optical clarity, the SCN-PP UV400 lens blocks all light up to 400 NM, including UVA and UVB rays, while a Hydrophobic and Oleophobic treatment repels water, oil, and dirt for clear vision in challenging conditions. Also, the multi-directional adjustability of the Flexifit nose pad and customizable Flexifit temple tips provide comfort and a secure fit.

The environmentally friendly bio-based frame rounds off a 65mm mono lens, along with vegetable oil that is safer for the environment

  • MSRP $230
  • Four frame options: Black Gloss, White Gloss, Crystal Gloss and Anthracite Gloss
  • Ten lens options available: Multimirror Red, Multimirror Blue, Multimirror Bronze, Multimirror Silver, Photochromic Silver, Multimirror Green, Gradient Black, Green Trail, Pink, Clear




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