- - Sena Announces New R2 and R2 EVO Smart Helmets

Sena Announces New R2 and R2 EVO Smart Helmets

Sena has announced the upcoming launch of its new R2 and R2 EVO smart helmets, which will make their debut at the 2021 Sea Otter bike expo. 

The all new R2 and R2 EVO feature an aerodynamic design with additional vents for airflow, along with built-in taillights for maximum visibility, with the R2 EVO equipped with Sena’s award-winning Mesh Intercom platform, while the R2 operates on the company’s Bluetooth intercom communication platform.

The Mesh Intercom equipped R2 EVO, combines safety and technology into a sleek and aerodynamic package built for road cyclists, featuring  Sena’s Mesh Intercom that allows riders to communicate hands-free with other Mesh users within a half mile with the touch of a button.

Additionally, the Multi-channel Open Mesh supports 9 channels, letting riders switch between different groups on different frequencies, allowing them to come in and out of range while keeping the rest of the group connected. 

(MSRP $199)

The R2 is great for smaller groups of riders, allowing for 4-way Bluetooth intercom at a half-mile range, allowing the wearer to connect with up to three other riders.

The R2 also features a 2-way HD Intercom, which allows a pair of riders to experience high-definition sound quality “rider to rider”. Moreover, the helmet is also compatible with Sena’s Bluetooth-enabled models such as the R1, M1, or X1S.

(MSRP $159)

You can learn more about the new R2 EVO and R2 helmets by visiting

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