- - Shimano Launches New Connect Lab Training Platform

Shimano Launches New Connect Lab Training Platform

After shuttering its Pioneer Cyclo-Sphere platform last month, Shimano has launched a new service called Shimano Connect Lab that’s designed to help cyclists analyze and manage their ride data.

“This service enables your ride data uploaded on the cloud to be displayed as various graphs or maps, helping improve your cycling performance and boost your motivation,” says Shimano.

Using a similar dashboard as apps like Strava, Training Peaks, TrainerRoad and others, the new Shimano Connect Lab allows users to analyze their ride data, along with the ability to set up weekly and monthly calendars to track their metrics.

Basic features include:

  • Dashboard for easy log viewing for each ride.
  • Statistics and power curve allow you to review your ride history and daily achievements.
  • Ability to use your PC or tablet to view your pedalling force vectors in detail and analyse your ride.
  • The uploaded ride data can be visualized in various graphics such as statistical graphs or map information, allowing you to see your cycling performance as well as the power data at a glance.

Additionally, users can upload files in both FIT and db formats from their cycling computers, allowing them to analyze an array of metrics such as power curve analysis and pedaling force vectors if they have a power meter that can provide the data.

You can learn more about the new Connect Lab by visiting Shimano’s website here.


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