- - "Shoka Bell" a Smart Bike Bell and Light

“Shoka Bell” a Smart Bike Bell and Light


Finding a good bell and light has become a prerequisite for those amongst the urban cycling community.

Shoka Bell is a product that allows cyclists to modify both the lighting and bell capabilities of their bike on the fly, while also aiding them when it comes to navigating city streets and urban areas, by way of arrows that point them in the proper direction via its smartphone app. 

The app also notifies owners when their bike has been moved, or they stay more than 1000ft away from it.

Additionally, Shoka Bell also integrates a bell that has numerous ringtone options, a light, an accelerometer, a microphone, which are control using a simple joystick.

Shoka Bell’s app can also act as a tracking device, allowing cyclists to monitor routes, log travel metrics and tie into social media platforms such as Instagram.


  • 360 degree joystick
  • automatic front light
  • 8 unique ringing tone *
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Range extender for up to 400 m
  • 3 weeks of battery life
  • *download more from the app
  • microphone
  • light sensor
  • accelerometer
  • 95dB maximum sound


Your Automatic Cycling Diary
Tracking works without the Bell*, but gives
you the best experience when used together.

  • automatically track your routes
  • monitor your progress (distance, time, CO2 savings)
  • see your friends favorite route
  • see whos riding nearby
  • Instagram integration





Shoka Bell

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