- - SIDI Shows-Off Special Edition COVID-19 Cycling Shoes

SIDI Shows-Off Special Edition COVID-19 Cycling Shoes

SIDI has presented Mario Trentin with a special edition pair of its Shot road shoe that celebrates the heroic service healthcare workers have provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals were the real heroes of this pandemic, fighting day and night in hospitals. Matteo Trentin has chosen to customise a pair of Shot shoes as a symbolic ‘thank you’ to those who have previously and those who are still at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19,” says SIDI. 

The shoes feature an image of a medical worker facing up to a huge pathogen, a symbol sadly known by many in the recent months as the Face of Covid. The worker’s stance and attitude represent the tenacity, spirit and sacrifice of those who have faced this battle themselves, while its message is one of thanks and encouragement at the same time.

“I saw this image by an English cartoonist that immediately provoked a strong reaction in me. While his work is a direct message, I thought that the situation that the whole world is facing deserved an honest response. There is no intent behind the use of this image other than to raise people’s spirits with this striking cartoon.” Matteo explains. 

According to SIDI, the special edition Shot shoes will not be available as part of the regular catalogue, but collectors will have the chance to win them in a charity auction held at the end of the season.

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