- - SILCA Introduces New NASTRO CUSCINO Bar Tape

SILCA Introduces New NASTRO CUSCINO Bar Tape

SILCA has introduced a new bar tape called NASTRO CUSCINO, which features a strong textured, 3.75mm tri-laminate construction with printed silicone graphics for optimal comfort, cushioning and grip in both wet and dusty conditions.

“NASTRO CUSCINO is for the cyclist looking for the most comfortable bar tape to help conquer cobbles, gravel, CX, rain and indoor conditions.  Cuscino is optimal for cyclists experiencing sore or numb hands or are frustrated with slippery bar tapes in rainy or sweaty conditions,” says SILCA.

Inspired by advancements in running shoe foam and F1 tires as well as SILCA’s own research into rolling efficiency, impedance and damping, they realized that new materials technology could allow for a significant improvement in bar tape. Using a laminate of SILCAthane, SILCAlon and 3M Visco-elastic adhesive instead of a single foam extrusion, the tape can be optimized across a range of desired features.

As a result, the NASTRO CUSCINO has a softer, more comfortable feel, higher wet and dry grip, better vibration isolation, and 3-5x the durability of existing tape materials. Since the actual wrap of the tape can be as important as the tape itself, SLICA also developed a full adhesive-backed ‘butterfly’ to better cover the back of the lever clamp area without adding bulk, a high grip finishing tape and expanding aluminum/composite end plugs to ensure every detail is perfect.

The NASTRO CUSCINO sells for $50.00, and it’s available in four colors. 


  • Ultra Performance 3.75mm thick Tri-Laminate design delivers equivalent cushioning to 5.0mm tapes of traditional materials
  • SILCAlon (2-Hour Marathon Shoe foam) offers greater cushioning and 3-5x more rebound for improved performance over rough surfaces
  • Debossed racing stripe pattern plus embossed color silicone printing for improved grip and cushioning
  • Laser Engraved Aluminum expanding bar-end plug
  • TPU finishing tape with full 3M adhesive
  • Butterfly shaped brake clamp cover




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