- - SILCA Offers Seat Roll Premio Saddle Pouch

SILCA Offers Seat Roll Premio Saddle Pouch


A perquisite for any serious roadie is to have adequate back-up in terms of tools and supplies in the event of a flat-tire or mechanical problem.  

Ask me how I know?

After flatting along a remote roadway in western Massachusetts a few weeks ago, I was forced to walk the better part of 4 miles in cycling shoes before a good samaritan, who fortunately didn’t turn out to be the Craigslist Killer, stopped to offer me a ride.

So, why did I head-out on a ride without a spare, you ask?

Because like so many previous rides, I left with the foolish assumption that I would never get a flat. 😥 

In any case, SILCA offers a neat and practical way to cary the aforementioned tangibles in style – called the Seat Roll Premio


The Seat Roll Premio is the world’s first on-bike storage solution which features a Boa Closure System.

The Premio is a waxed canvas pouch made of SILCA’s own creation, which is not only water-proof and quilted, but has reflective stitching for improved visibility.

The Premio attaches effortlessly to any seat rails using the Boa Closure System, and is capable of carrying 2 CO2 cartridges with regulator, an inner-tube up to 700×45, a multi-tool and potentially more. 


No more walking in cycling shoes after a breakdown, I say.


  • Waxed Canvas with Reflective Cross-Stitch Quilting
  • Boa Closure System with Guide
  • Three Internal Pockets – Holds Tubes up to 700x45mm
  • Center Strap for added Security
  • Loaded Version comes with EOLO Inflator and Tredici Multitool (saves $12 compared to purchasing separately)



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