- - The "Snap" Drone is Designed to Follow Cyclists on a Ride

The “Snap” Drone is Designed to Follow Cyclists on a Ride


Who needs a SAG Wagon when you can have Vantage Robotics’ Snap drone to follow your every path from above. 

Measuring 13.9in x 12.48in x 2.48in (353mm x 317mm x 63mm) and weighing 1.26lb/570g, the Snap features a built-in two-axis mechanical and electronic gimbal, which Vantage Robotics says can capture video with 4k 30fps quality, or super slow-motion in both 1080p 120fps or 720p at 240fps, as well as shoot 12mp still images in bursts up to 10fps. Phew, that was a lot of numbers.  

Additionally, the Snap is compatible with both IOS and Android platforms, and it can be operated via one’s smartphone or set autonomously to follow you.


According to Vantage Robotics, the Snap relies upon the GPS location provided by your phone, and using its internal sensors, it can precisely pinpoint your location within three meters. Furthermore, the Snap has three auto-tracking modes, Air Tripod mode where the drone will stay in place but rotate and pitch the camera to keep you in the frame, the Virtual Wire mode where the user selects a start and stop point which the Snap will in turn follow your direction and Free Form mode which will follow you in any direction along your route, while providing the ability to set parameters using the dynamic “geofencing” feature.

The Snap also has an auto-ground avoidance feature, along with a return home function to prevent crashes or “fly aways”.

Vantage Robotics says, the Snap has a top speed of 30mph/40kph, and is capable of enduring winds up to 20mph/32kph.

However, the Snap currently has a battery life of only 20 minutes, but additional batteries are available.

The company is also offering some add-on options, such as a high wind rotor kit that is designed to increase flight time, as well as an obstacle avoidance and a range extender.

The Snap is slated to become available in October, with a retail price of $1,295.

However, if you pre-order, Vantage Robotics is offering an introductory price of $895.


Snap Drone


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