- - SPECIALIZED Concept Snow Bike

SPECIALIZED Concept Snow Bike


This curious snow-going contraption may very well prove to be, the first viable, far-flung concept bike that Specialized has yet conceived.

Indeed, there are no claims of increased speed and wattage, based on X number of kilometers ridden under a pale blue sky, while a cyclist has one’s head tucked underneath his or her arse, like the ridiculous claims Specialized puts forth with its Venge ViAS road bike.

Rather, the snow bike looks to be an exercise in pure unadulterated fun, that extols the virtues of being in the great outdoors – all in the name of a human-powered vehicle. Best, no Abominable Snowmen were harmed in the making of it.

However, where and how a person gets one of these Specialized Snow Bikes, may prove to be just as illusive as spotting one of the aforementioned creatures.




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