- - Strava Adds New "Clubs" Feature to Its App

Strava Adds New “Clubs” Feature to Its App


Strava has announced, a new addition to its app called Clubs, which is designed to connect cyclists with other cyclists as a means of motivating them to ride and train more together, as well as share routes and events, organize group activities and analyze and discuss their experiences afterwards.

“We’re always looking for new ways to help our community of athletes engage with each other,” says William Lee, Product Manager at Strava. “We already have 134,391 active clubs on Strava, and a lot of our athletes rely on their mobile devices for running and riding, so it made sense to bring clubs to mobile and make them as easily accessible as other Strava features. Now you can see the top ten athletes of the week on the leaderboard, interact with club members on discussion boards, share news and updates and post announcements all via your phone, to keep the club active, motivating and growing.”

Strava developed the new Clubs feature to make exploring, joining, sharing, and interacting with club members simple. The latest updates include:
· Explore: Cyclists can search and easily navigate clubs that they are part of, and explore new clubs that are relevant to them depending on their location, athlete network and interests.
· Discussions and Comments: Cyclists can post comments to discussion boards as well as manage and interact with club members, all from their         mobile device
· Push Notifications: New push notifications make it easy to stay in touch and interact via discussion boards, posts and comment.
· Share and Promote: Strava cyclists can now promote their clubs via Facebook and Twitter.


In addition to search and engagement updates, cyclists can also have a more in-depth look at their own and other club members’ activities by opening the Clubs feed. Improved leaderboards within the Clubs feature also allow cyclists to compare their weekly stats to fellow club members. A newly designed scatterplot makes it simple for cyclists to see how their training compares to the rest of the group, and is a way to stay motivated or on track with a group training plan.

Clubs pages also display basic information such as the club name, profile photo, cover photo and location, and cyclists can view a summary of the club’s engagement as well as the number of members, activities, and discussions for the week.

Strava’s Clubs features are available now on iOS and Android.

Download Strava in the Apple Store or Google Play, and visit to learn more.

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