- - Sturdy Cycles Dazzles with 3D-Printed Titanium Crankset

Sturdy Cycles Dazzles with 3D-Printed Titanium Crankset

Just when you thought Sturdy Cycles’ titanium frames were a sight to behold, the boutique British brand further dazzles enthusiasts with its latest 3D-printed crankset, complete with titanium chainrings. 

In addition to their beauty, Sturdy Cycles is able to design each crankset in accordance with the rider’s specifications, relying on robust 6/4 titanium and 3D-printing to make every aspect of the component including the axles, chainrings and hardware.

If that’s not enough, custom anodizing is also available. You can even throw in the chain. 

According to Tom Sturdy, the man behind his namesake, the crankset is currently available in 1x configurations for £1200, or with chainrings for an additional £250.

Sturdy also points out, that a 2x version is in the works. 

Gee, with all of the passion the Brits have demonstrated over the years with respect to making bespoke cycling products, it’s hard to image why they still remain such terrible cooks. 😉 


Sturdy Cycles 

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