- - Supersapiens Glucose Monitoring System Now Syncs with Apple Watch

Supersapiens Glucose Monitoring System Now Syncs with Apple Watch

Supersapiens glucose monitoring system can now sync with Apple Watch, allowing cyclists to view real-time readings as they ride without having to switch over to a smartphone app.

According to Supersapiens, the new Apple Watch integration will allow cyclists to monitor their glucose readings, animation and trends consistent with the mobile app. The app is primarily designed for displaying live readouts and sensor state. Users can also make the glucose readout the main watch face. For historical data, however, you will have to switch over to the mobile app.

The Libre Sense Glucose Sport biosensor has a glucose measurement dynamic range of 55 to 200 mg/dL. It is a disposable sensor that can provide accurate readings for up to 14 days after which you will have to replace it with a new one.

The sensor measures glucose levels in tissue interstitial fluid and not in the blood/plasma. Depending on the extent of sugar intake, metabolism in the muscles, and variations in glucose uptake between the blood and interstitial fluid compartments, there will be a time lag before blood glucose and interstitial fluid glucose values are comparable.

Therefore, Abbott recommends this glucose monitor only for athletes and not for medical or diagnostic use. That means, even if you get one of these biosensors to pair with your Apple Watch, these cannot be used for diagnosis or treatment of diabetes.

App Highlights:

  • Live glucose readings at a glance.
  • Trend arrows and animations reflecting glucose direction, consistent with the Supersapiens mobile app.
  • Displays the live state of the sensor on the Apple Watch.
  • Helpful prompts for sensor reconnection after 5 minutes of no reading.
  • Ability to have glucose as a primary display instead of time

Version 3.1.1 is the next advancement along Supersapiens’ vision to improve users’ experience so athletes can drive maximum performance and recovery benefits from glucose visibility.

For more information, visit the Supersapiens website.


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