- - The Great Boffo Children's Cycling Book to be Republished

The Great Boffo Children’s Cycling Book to be Republished

Publisher James Spackman, has plans to revive his classic children’s book, The Great Boffo, just in time for this year’s Tour de France.

First released in 1973 by Frank Dickens, The Great Boffo tells the story of a young boy who wants to cheer on his favorite cyclist, but first has to complete a delivery round on his old bike.

When Boffo suffers a flat tire during the race, he has no choice but to ride the boy’s old bike for the rest of the stage.

Spackman, who’s publishing the cartoon through his company, in conjunction with SnowBooks, said: 

“I’m delighted to be bringing Boffo back. My father used to read this wonderful book to me as a child.

“As a fanatical cyclist myself, I regard Boffo as a personal hero and it is a privilege to introduce him to a new generation.”






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