- - The PentaLock is Designed Engineers, Tested by Thieves

The PentaLock is Designed Engineers, Tested by Thieves

The overall concept of the PentaLock is simple to understand, the new anti-theft device is designed to prevent your bike from being stolen thanks to an innovative locking bottom-bracket that’s also equipped with an alarm.

“Imagine buying a new bicycle. You know, there’s been a rise in bike thefts, so you purchase lock in order to protect your investment. But, despite your efforts, your bike gets stolen  anyway. With the PentaLock, our goal is prevent this from happening. We know there is a need for this! When having a PentaLock integrated, the bike is controlled by a wireless key and protected with a 100 dB alarm system, that will scare off any thief who tries to move or touch the bike. Therefore, PentaLock will prevent bike theft – because who wants to steal a bike, that neither can be stolen or used?,” explains the Danish brand. 

While the Pentalock is designed for the bicycle owner, the company only sells to bike manufacturers, simply because its device must be built into the bike during the manufacturing process due to the unique sizing of each brand’s bottom bracket and crank requirements.

“If you have a PentaLock integrated into your brand, you can be sure, that you at least get a way to differentiate your brand with whole new sales-points. Not least since you will offer your customers the best locking solution they will ever have. So why even doubt about integrating PentaLock?,” says the company. 

When installed, the PentaLock provides a secure and convenient solution, wherein a Bluetooth keyfob automatically locks and unlocks the bike’s bottom bracket and crank. 

There’s no word on pricing for the Pentalock, but the device is available for both standard and eBikes.

You can find out more by visiting Pentalock’s website here


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