- - The Voronoi Helmet Looks Like Something Right-Out of the Pages of Science Fiction

The Voronoi Helmet Looks Like Something Right-Out of the Pages of Science Fiction

Featuring a far-flung parametric design, the Voronoi helmet looks like something right-out of the pages of science fiction.

Developed by Yuefeng Zhou, Zhecheng Xu and Haiwei Wang, the designers say the helmet was inspired by a 3D Voronoi structures that are widely found in nature, giving it an organism like appearance, along with the physical features of lightness, stability and energy absorbing characteristics.  

“We applied this parametric technique into the improvement of helmet design. At the balance of lightness and safety, we hope to provide people with more comfortable, more fashionable, and safer personal protection bicycle helmet,” say the designers.

The helmet features a combination of parametric techniques with bionics, resulting in an outstanding external mechanical system.

The outer shell, which mimics Voronoi patterns found in animal’s bone structure and turtle shells, is different from traditional flake protection structures by virtue of its unabridged bionic 3D system.

For instance, when struck by an external force, the structure shows better stability than traditional helmets thanks to its porous characteristics, while also providing excellent ventilation and comfort. 

“With the parametric technique, we take mechanical simulation experiments of inner structure sampling points. Based on the simulation date, structure sampling points are rearranged properly, and the helmet finally gets an integrated structure system. considering the convenience of parametric technique, we can directly control the density parameter of the whole structure system, and specification parameter of the supporting system. after mechanical simulation experiments of the latest structure, the result of simulation affects controls parameter, which promotes the helmet’s adaptation to different users and usage scenarios,” explain the designers.

The Voronoi helmet was awarded an A Design Award for safety clothing and personal protective equipment for 2019 – 2020.

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