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Top 10 Foods to Improve Mental Wellbeing

article by Pav Bryan

There’s a saying, “You Are What You Eat”. However, that phrase doesn’t just correspond with one’s physical state, but mental wellbeing also.

Here’s a list of my all time top 10 foods which might help improve your mental wellbeing:

1/ Fatty fish such as salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel provide the brain with healthy fats. Particularly the much talked about omega-3 fatty acids, which might build brain cell membranes, reduce brain inflammation, and promote new brain cell formation, crucial for positive brain health.

2/ Whole grains (gluten free) such as oats, wild rice, beans and soy provide your brain with a clean source of its preferred fuel, carbohydrates. Simply put, adequate fueling will prevent your brain from getting just as tired as your body does when improperly fueled.

3/ Chicken fed on flax seeds (another great source of omega-3) which, much like fatty fish mentioned above, might improve your mood and memory and give you protection against brain disorders ranging from depression to dementia.

4/ Other lean meats such as fish, turkey and eggs provide your body with protein which in turn helps your brain produce enough neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which is one of the main chemicals which regulates our mood.

5/ Your brain is made up of around 60% fat, hence the reason fat being mentioned repeatedly in this article! Other seeds such as chia, also provide healthy omega-3.

6/ Leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli contain a protein called Lutein, which may support cognitive function and brain health.

7/ Berries will reduce inflammation, which is a major cause in the development of depression, dementia and other brain disorders.

8/ Bone broth might help heal your gut which in turn helps provide more nutrients to your brain. Treating conditions, such as leaky gut syndrome, which cause your gut to not absorb, or even incorrectly manage, certain nutrients. This might allow more nutrients into your body from the foods you eat, in turn having a more positive effect on mental health.

9/ Avocados might help with blood sugar regulation, which will regulate mood. They are also said to promote better blood flow to your brain, which will mean a higher functioning brain.

10/ Water might be the only drink that will help through ensuring you don’t become dehydrated. With adequate hydration you can expect better brain memory and function, increase in energy and shift to a more positive mood.


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