- - UCI to Adopt Eco-Friendly Electric Motorcycles

UCI to Adopt Eco-Friendly Electric Motorcycles


The UCI and ELMOTO partner on eco-friendly electric motorcycles

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and electrical vehicle manufacturer ELMOTO are pleased to introduce the EDerny, a new eco-friendly electrical motorcycle which will be used for the Keirin events at the 2015 UCI Track Cycling World Championships, in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France.

Tested at the 2014/2015 Track Cycling World Cup stage in London last December, the electrical motorcycles will be used for the first time at the World Championships which take place from today 18 until 22 February 2015.

The benefits of ELMOTO EDerny are:

  • Providing a more eco-friendly environment for athletes, coaches, fans and everyone in the arena during the event;
  • No risk of oil leaks on the track;
  • More reliable as the ignition is instantaneous and will not stall;
  • Better control of the bike’s speed.

The UCI is committed to the promotion of eco-friendly initiatives and the use of electrical motorcycles for Keirin events demonstrates how cycling is integrating sustainability into all of its activities, in line with the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s Agenda 2020 decisions.

Speaking about the partnership, UCI President Brian Cookson said:

“Cycling is by its very nature an eco-friendly sport and we are delighted to reaffirm this by signing ELMOTO as the UCI’s official electric motorcycle supplier for our Track events.”

ELMOTO Chief Executive Officer, Stefan Lippert, said:
“ELMOTO is proud to work with the UCI as an official supplier. The UCI Track Cycling World Championships in the new Velodrome National of Saint-Quentin will be a fantastic platform to present the first EDerny to the world. ELMOTO will continue to work with the UCI on eco-friendly motorcycles that ensure the safety of the athletes, teams and fans.”


Founded in 2008, ELMOTO is a company based in Stuttgart, Germany, that has become the leader in electromobility in Europe – with customers around the world. ELMOTO develops light electric bikes for daily use which are designed for trips of approximately 60-70km. They can reach a speed of up to 60km/h. EDerny is a derivation of the HR2 evo and we are proud to be a part of this new age on the track without exhausted gases and pollution.

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