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Criteriums are America’s most enduring form of bicycle racing, transforming vibrant downtowns into world-class cycling arenas. Unlike other professional sports, bicycle racing in America has no ticketed income source, and unlike running or triathlons, no large participation base to fund the events and athletes. The sport can only grow through an increasing number of fans and a vehicle to support this growth. Like the creation of the USA CRITS Series, races are born from event directors’ passion for the sport. is designed to create a sustainable platform for the growth and funding of this passion. Membership and purchase of pay-per-view events will directly support additional live streaming, prize money, events, and most importantly, teams and athletes.

“We will have over 20 days of live racing with all 11 USA CRITS events and additional races that surround several of these events. Beyond the live broadcasts, we will have 20 plus events from previous seasons as video on demand, building archives of events and D1 Teams as the year progresses,” said Scott Morris, USA CRITS Development Director.

Membership to will be $55 annually or $5.99 annual-paid-monthly. Fans will also able to purchase these races as pay-per-view by event for $15. Each membership level will return a split directly back to D1 teams and events, adding to the sustainability and growth of criteriums.

“The cost of live streaming events for free is unsustainable for local organic events which represent the majority of great races across the country. It puts all the burden on local events to fund streaming costs. The long-term goal is to not ask events to fund any part of streaming,” Morris commented.

“In producing over 50 live broadcasts of criteriums in the past few years, we have integrated new camera technology, live timing, and on-screen graphics to keep the viewer informed,” said Gene Dixon, USA CRITS Series Director. “With the creation of membership as our next step, we will continue to help viewers experience what it is like to hit 90-degree turns at 30 miles an hour on 25mm tires, allowing viewers to become fans of this unique discipline and the amazing athletes who tackle American street track racing.”

About USA CRITS Series

Now in its 12th year, the USA CRITS Series is the premiere cycling series in the United States. USA CRITS was developed to feature criterium racers and to offer venues, teams, and riders the ability to excel in this unique discipline of cycling. The events that form the USA CRITS Series represent more than 100 years of criterium racing and have the ideals that have made criterium racing an American legacy: challenging courses that showcase arts and entertainment districts, a large and growing base of spectators, broad community support, and strong marketing opportunities for partners.

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