- - Verge Unveils New Gravel Specific Range of Apparel

Verge Unveils New Gravel Specific Range of Apparel

Verge has unveiled its new gravel-specific range of apparel aptly dubbed the Gravel Range, comprising the Adventure jersey, bib shorts, jacket, bib tights, jacket and vest that are aimed at gravelers who seek comfort and performance both on and off the beaten path.

“We understand the unique needs of gravel riders, and the Gravel Range reflects this. Each piece is crafted with carefully selected fabrics and features to ensure optimal performance in various conditions,” says Verge. 

The Adventure Jersey and Bib Shorts form the core of the range, providing the technical features needed for demanding gravel races and long-distance rides, while the jersey’s relaxed fit and quick-dry fabric keep riders comfortable.

Comfort and performance are further reinforced by the bib short’s high-density padding and compression for all-day support.

For those seeking a more casual look without sacrificing functionality, the Backroad Shirts are the perfect choice. These stylish button-downs seamlessly transition from the bike to the café, thanks to their quick-dry, moisture-wicking fabrics and cycling-specific features.

For rides when the mercury dips, cool-weather adventures are covered with the Adventure Jacket, Vest, and Bib Tights, providing warmth and protection from the elements, while ensuring riders can extend their seasons and embrace the changing landscapes.

What sets the Gravel Range apart is its customization options. Gravel cyclists can now express their unique style and personality by customizing each piece to their liking – a rare find in the gravel apparel market. Whether it’s team colors, personal designs, or club logos, Verge empowers riders to make their kit truly their own.

“We created the Gravel Range to cater to the diverse needs of gravel cyclists,” said Verge Founder & CEO Mike Magur. “By offering a range of customizable pieces that perform both on and off the bike, we aim to inspire more riders to explore the freedom and adventure that gravel cycling offers.”

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