- - Vittoria Acquires A. Dugast Tire Brand

Vittoria Acquires A. Dugast Tire Brand

Vittoria has strengthened its position in the cyclocross, gravel, track and road bike tire segments with the acquisition of the Dutch brand A. Dugast

A. Dugast has been a leading brand in the manufacturing of high quality silk tubular tires for decades. Historically from France, A. Dugast was acquired by Dutchman Richard Nieuwhuis in 2002 after which development and production was moved near Oldenzaal, the Netherlands.

Since then, the products have become the benchmark for performance tubulars for professional cyclocross racers. 

“By uniting our know-how and capabilities, A. Dugast and Vittoria will develop ever-more advanced and innovative products,” says Vittoria Group President and CEO Stijn Vriends. “We have jointly created a plan to reinforce the development and production capabilities of both brands, building on the innovative know-how and shared global manufacturing capacities. A. Dugast R&D as well as production will continue to be located near Oldenzaal in the Netherlands and we have even planned to expand the facility considerably.”

“As Vittoria we aim to leverage on A. Dugast’s profound market, product and process know-how in cotton and silk tubulars, which has contributed to build a unique reputation in the industry as a pure expert of high-end specialty tires. Our activities in Italy and Thailand will thus benefit from the innovative power of A. Dugast, in bringing new experiences to riders.”

The production facilities in the Netherlands will assure a more balanced production footprint for the whole Vittoria Group. And thanks to the A. Dugast factory, Vittoria customers can also be served with special products and limited series. As a first example, the group will create an exclusive hand-made limited-edition tubular for “L’Eroica”, to celebrate the start of this new phase.

Vittoria Group has acquired the full ownership of A. Dugast, while Nieuwhuis, who retained a minority share in Vittoria Group, will continue to run A. Dugast together with his employees. He will also take up an active role in the Vittoria Group innovation processes.

“In Vittoria Group we have found a partner with whom we can achieve great things for the future of A. Dugast and our products for athletes,” explains Nieuwhuis.

An important aspect of the take-over is that Vittoria and A. Dugast will combine commercial forces globally and make a wider range of products available to their customers. Vittoria Group will continue to develop and produce in its facilities in Thailand, while the A. Dugast factory in the Netherlands will also become a regional asset for circular solutions and research in sustainable products.

“The A. Dugast center here in the Netherlands will play an important part in the development of sustainable bicycle tires,” confirmed Stijn Vriends.

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