- - Wahoo Adds Gravel Route and Voice Chat to Wahoo X Training Platform

Wahoo Adds Gravel Route and Voice Chat to Wahoo X Training Platform

Wahoo Fitness has expanded its Wahoo X training platform, adding outdoor workouts, integrated Voice Chat and a new virtual gravel road, as well as an increased number of structured training plans and cross-training workouts.

Wahoo X is the ultimate all-in-one app for cyclists offering incredible variety, immersive experiences and comprehensive training. Whether training indoors or outdoors, our best-in-class hardware products combined with innovative software creates a unique and complete integrated training experience. Our mission is to build a better athlete in all of us, and the latest enhancements to Wahoo X truly delivers. Our Wahoo Sports Science Team are continuously testing and pushing the limits, so we can offer the best plans, training and expertise when it comes to Wahoo X,” says Mike Saturnia, CEO at Wahoo.

The addition of Voice Chat now allows users to communicate with other riders via Wahoo’s app, offering features such as the ability to chat on group rides, or through a simulated race radio in the RGT virtual races.

Wahoo X has also launched the Dunoon Crossover on RGT, a new gravel “Real Road” that’s based on a soon-to-be opened gravel route in Scotland, marking what Wahoo calls “the first realistic gravel and MTB experience in the virtual riding category”.

“This becomes the first realistic gravel and mountain bike experience in the virtual riding category,” boasts Wahoo.

“Singletrack off-road sections and resistance changes based on the ride surface bring a whole new experience to virtual riding and racing. Riders must now time their sprints and overtakes.”

Additionally, Wahoo has enhanced its Magic Road feature, which allows members to upload their own routes via a GPX file and ride, share and create events on them, while the company’s SYSTM software now includes integration with its Elemnt range of GPS bike computers, letting users to sync their workouts with their Wahoo X subscription with access to structured workouts outside.

“SYSTM also continues to grow its extensive library of workouts and videos with the launch of new, immersive training content,” explains Wahoo. “This includes the recent release of On Location Portugal, which adds to the popular On Location series of virtual training rides ”.

There are now over 700 workouts available on SYSTM covering cycling, yoga, strength and mobility, running, swimming and mental training.

Wahoo X is priced at $14.99 per month.




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