- - Wahoo Adds Strava Live Segments to ELEMNT Cycling Computer

Wahoo Adds Strava Live Segments to ELEMNT Cycling Computer



















Wahoo has announced, that its popular ELEMNT GPS cycling computer now offers Strava Live Segments capabilities for its users. 

According to Wahoo, users can now pull up Strava Live Segments by on the screen by simply connecting to

From there, a special screen will appear when users reach a marked segment, which in turn will automatically start mapping one’s progress. Moreover, ride data such as speed, power, heart-rate and more, can be displayed on the screen simultaneously, by using using the smart phone app. 












For example, the top row of lights will display a user’s progress during a segment, while the left side lights will show whether one is beating or behind the pace of the KOM. And, during the last 200 meters of the segment, if the user is close to beating the goal, it will flash the icon “Final Push”, along with a beep to serve as encouragement to seize the KOM.

Additionally, the new features can also track multiple Segments at once, while also providing GPS-based route guidance, along with turn-by-turn directions.

Wahoo says, the free update is available for both iOS and Android. However, users have to be part of Strava’s Premium subscription in order to use the Live Segments feature.


















But, the purchase of an ELEMNT gets new owners a 60-day free trial.



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