- - "My Wild Love" Reprises Both Old and New Traditional Italian Steel Framesets

“My Wild Love” Reprises Both Old and New Traditional Italian Steel Framesets


“Good things take time”, says My Wild Love, referring to the last three decades when their recently restored San Marco steel frames were first handmade in Treviso, Italy.

According to My Wild Love, a small restoration and frame building shop that splits its time between Italy and Amsterdam, they discovered some 30 plus original frames hanging from the rafters of the now defunct San Marco workshop. 

After seizing the opportunity to grab them, My Wild Love proceeded to restore each Columbus SL and SLX frameset using the same traditional building process as San Marco – in the very same workshop where they were initially built decades ago.

Imagine you’re in the dusty backroom of a retired frame builder in Treviso, Italy. You look up and your heart stops. More than 30 new-old-stock SL(X) frames are hanging from the ceiling. They’re naked, except for the chrome.

Happened to us about a year ago. Now we’re proud to present those same frames reworked with delicious new paint. We’re releasing six designs in batches of five frames each.”

“Each frame has now been realigned and double-checked by our master framebuilder, and resprayed by our master painter. Every step of the process, from construction to paint, has taken place in Treviso, Italy in accordance with tradition.”

Each one of these limited edition frames is hand-constructed from Columbus SL and SLX tubing. Some of the most collectable tubing ever made. Designed for pro’s in the 80s, these tubes ride with just as much panache today.

San Marco built these frames for their pro team three decades ago. Some were raced a handful of times. Others were never used. They were then blasted clean, re-chromed and hung on the wall for 30 years. Until we stumbled upon them.”

Every one of these limited edition frames is now realigned, respaced and reconditioned to as-new quality by our expert framebuilder. This means fresh threads, double-checked construction and modern 130mm spacing.”

Build yours up with a modern groupset and wheels. While SLX still rides as amazingly as ever, the same can’t be said of all vintage parts. We recommend Campagnolo and Gipiemme – they’ll turn almost as many heads as your frame.”


After restoring the old San Marco relics, My Wild Love decided to take up residence in the same workshop and make their own framesets using the same old world steel frame building techniques as their predecessors.  

“My Wild Love started as a little project to bring 32 vintage frames to life. It’s now grown into something much bigger. We hand build the most unapologetic frames possible, so that you can ride the passion of Italian cycling, too.”

“Our little bike company was born in Treviso, a region with a big history of handbuilt bicycles and one of the craft’s last bastions. Today, our HQ is in Amsterdam, the second best cycling city in the world – after Treviso.

“Our frames are built and sprayed in Treviso, Italy, by the most experienced craftsmen in the region. Each one of them has more than 30 years experience in his trade. And is the best at what he does.”


All of My Wild Love’s new framesets are custom made to the specifications of the customer, which are available in a range of Columbus steel tube sets, along with custom paint options. 



My Wild Love

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