- - Wilier Launches New Cento1 Hybrid Electric Assisted Road Bike

Wilier Launches New Cento1 Hybrid Electric Assisted Road Bike

Designed to re-imagine the traditional limits and usability of a high end road bike, Wilier’s new Cento1 Hybrid combines the distinctive traits akin to the Italian brand, but with the cutting-edge intelligence of the lightest servo-assistance system on the market.

The result is an electric hybrid road bike with pedal assistance that tips the scales at an impressive 26 pounds, a new record in the electric bike road category.

The Cento1 Hybrid comprises a full carbon frame and fork, which conceals an integrated battery in the downtube that powers the bike’s powerful, yet diminutive rear hub motor, making it virtually indistinguishable from a regular road bike.

In fact, rear hub motor is practically the same size as a large cassette, making it even more undetectable. The only real giveaway is the button that’s located at the junction of the toptube and headtube that controls the system.

Not surprisingly, the Cento1 Hybrid mimics the same endurance geometry as Wilier’s Cento10NDR, since both bikes target a very similar sryle of riding.  

According to Wilier, the motor assistance level is adjusted by simply using the aforementioned control button, which can also be paired with a smartphone as well. 

This allows riders to access Wilier’s app, which provides a host of options such as managing the bike’s functions, along with route mapping and analyzing performance data. The app also has the capability of controlling the level of assistance needed to reach one’s targeted workout, by adding power when necessary. 

Wilier currently offers the Cento1 Hybrid in one model, which comes equipped with a Shimano Ultegra groupset and hydraulic disc brakes, which retails for around $5,200.00.

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One of the most important aspects for us was to achieve a record weight: we have succeeded in creating a racing bike with pedal assistance that weighs less than 12 kg. A lightweight monocoque carbon frame, high-quality mechanical components and an Ebikemotion servo-assistance system, with a total weight (motor, battery and controls) of 3.7 KG, the lightest solution on the market.


When designing the Cento1 Hybrid, we focused on those individuals who are discovering the world of racing bikes for the first time, as well as the thousands of passionate cyclists who already use racing bikes, but who struggle to keep up with their friends, or who can no longer conquer their favourite climb.

The Cento1 Hybrid is composed of a monocoque carbon frame and fork, built using the same composite materials and with the same technologies that we usually employ on our high-end competition bicycles. The shape and geometry of the Cento1 Hybrid frame derives from the NDR family of racing-endurance bikes, which offer less tiring riding positions without relinquishing their racing spirit.

The Cento1 Hybrid is fitted with traditional-type components, such as hydraulic disc brakes, 11-speed Shimano groupset and high-profile aluminium wheels. The only component that differs from the standard equipment provided is the rear hub, which contains the drive unit that provides pedal assistance. The energy required by the motor is deliveredby the battery, which is neatly integrated into the down tube of the frame. The system is controlled (on, off and monitoring) via a button which is integrated into the top tube, enabling the rider to choose from the various assistance modes offered by the Cento1 Hybrid.


The intelligent solutions installed on the Cento1 Hybrid enable the limits of the person riding the bike to be understood and overcome, assisting the cyclist at just the right moment.

There are several options for using and managing the entire system. The simplest of these options is just to use the controller integrated into the top tube, which enables you to turn the system on and off and to select the desired level of assistance, by pressing the backlit button.

Riders looking for greater interaction with the system can download the dedicated EBIKEMOTION app from the AppStore or the PlayStore, which provides access to the system command centre. This app opens the door to a whole range of functions, from the simplest (classic cycle computer functions such as display speed, distance, remaining charge level, incline etc.) to the most complex (navigation management and programming of the various outputs, recording data, setting weather forecast alerts, etc.)

The intelligence of the Cento1 Hybrid doesn’t stop there: the system can also help when you want to monitor other parameters – your heart rate, for example. When paired with a heart rate monitor belt, the maximum heart rate can be set. If your heart rate reaches the predetermined threshold during activity, the system will engage the motor, enabling your heart rate to return to within the threshold set without having to stop pedaling.




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