- - Will the EausAir Make Mini Pumps and CO2 Cartridges Obsolete?

Will the EausAir Make Mini Pumps and CO2 Cartridges Obsolete?

Tired of struggling with manual mini pumps or fussing over CO2 cartridges? If, so, EausAir has the perfect solution with its latest mini pump, offering a lightweight and pocket-sized design that can automatically inflate an inner tube up to 120 psi.

With its compact size and weight of just 178g, the EausAir Mini pump is designed to fit effortlessly into one’s jersey pocket. Unlike many inflators in its class, the pump boasts an aluminum alloy body, ensuring durability and longevity, which works seamlessly with Schrader, Presta and Dunlop valves, catering to a wide range of users.

Also, the digital display sets it apart from its rivals, allowing users to easily monitor and adjust their tire pressure.


Accuracy is another key feature of the EausAir Mini pump, with a claimed sensor accuracy of within +/- 1 psi. Moreover, the pump also has an impressive airflow of 20L per minute, which can inflate a 700 x 23 tire to 100psi in less than 30-seconds. 

Additionally, the EausAir Mini pump features a built-in 600mAh battery that charges in just 39 minutes via USB-C. The device also comes with a battery-level indicator on the display, ensuring users will always know when it’s time for a quick recharge.

EausAir has undertaken a crowd-funding campaign, offering early-backers a special price of $89 with a pledge before October 30.

You can find out more about the EausAir Mini by clicking here.

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