- - Wolf Tooth's New EnCase System Fits in the End of Any Handlebar

Wolf Tooth’s New EnCase System Fits in the End of Any Handlebar

The EnCase System product line by Wolf Tooth Components is a new in-bike storage solution with essential cycling multi-tools that meets the needs of almost any trailside or roadside repair. These are multi-tools that will keep you riding for everyday fixes or help you get back to the trailhead or the next town for any major repairs. These first EnCase System items are designed to be discreetly stored inside handlebar ends during rides and is compatible with most mountain and road bars.

A key feature of the patent-pending EnCase System is the storage sleeves. The engineered design and rubber material of the sleeves keeps everything securely in place, prevents the multi-tools from rattling, and protects the multi-tools from dirt and moisture while still being simple to remove without tools. A rubber flap at the opening of the storage sleeves can be trimmed for a custom fit; since inner diameter varies from handlebar to handlebar, these were designed to allow for a bit of simple tailoring to make for a snug fit no matter the bars. The sleeves are capped by precision-machined aluminum bar plugs for protection and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, extra space was created in the bar plugs to store a presta-to-schrader adapter and valve core or a master link for support on the trail.

“We loved the idea of tools that can be carried somewhere within the bike, but we weren’t satisfied with existing options,” said Mike Pfeiffer, President of Wolf Tooth. “Our goal became clear: design multi-tools and a storage system that can fit inside a flat or drop handlebar, but still be tough, reliable, and practical enough for repairs at home or on the trail.”

The first two multi-tools in the EnCase System are the Hex Bit Wrench and the Chain + Tire Plug. The Hex Bit Wrench has 14 functions: spoke wrench; valve core wrench; flat head bit; Phillips bit; hex key sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm; and Torx compatible sizes T10, T25, T30. All bits are stored within the handle pockets and held in place via magnets and O-rings. The handle of the Hex Bit Wrench is also a breaker bar with swivel head. The Chain + Tire Plug multi-tool has a chain tool compatible with any 8-12 speed chain and tire plug insertion tool with storage for plugs to fix flats in tubeless tires. These multi-tools were specifically designed to fit into EnCase System Storage Sleeves, but will be equally at home in a jersey pocket or on a workbench.

“The success of our Pack Pliers showed us that cyclists are excited about innovative, compact tools,” said Pfeiffer. “After months of engineering and testing, we have developed a set of innovative, highly functional multi-tools and an elegant in-bike storage solution perfect for afternoon trail rides, weekend races, and extended bikepacking trips alike.”

These storage sleeves and multi-tools are the first items in the new EnCase System product line, with additional tools, accessories and storage options ‘in the works for the coming months’.

Wolf Tooth is a Minnesota-based bicycle accessories and components company. Founded in 2013, Wolf Tooth began with chainrings and has since expanded to headsets, tools, soft goods, axles, seat collars, grips, and other accessories. In 2016, Wolf Tooth launched Otso Cycles with the purpose of building ‘versatile, performance-first bicycles’.

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