- - World Naked Bike Ride Dates Announced for 2017

World Naked Bike Ride Dates Announced for 2017


Each year, hundreds of cyclists gather around the world to celebrate the spirit of bicycle with a weekend of unbridled, ballicky bare-assed riding. 

Over the course of the years, these bodice ripping bicycle bonanzas have evolved into creative festivals where cyclists, artists, musicians and enthusiasts come together to cycle the streets in peaceful protest to celebrate the liberating effects of going unclad.

Cyclists can ride totally nude, partially nude, or even wear a pantsuit like Hillary Clinton – now that she’s out of a job.


Our only recommendations are, to apply chamois cream 24 hours in advance, and try not to ride behind anyone who has participated in hot yoga or has eaten hot foods 12 hours prior to the event.


Apparently, Brazilian waxing is optional as well.    

Here a list of rides scheduled for this year in the USA.


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