- - Yuba Launches New Supermarché Electric Cargo Bike

Yuba Launches New Supermarché Electric Cargo Bike

Utilitarianism is a good word to apply to the current eBike market, as new electric bikes combining innovation and practicality continue to punctuate the segment.

A recent example of this, is Yuba’s latest Electric Supermarché cargo bike, which builds upon the company’s already successful pedal version. 

The Electric Supermarché features a powerful Bosch CX Performance motor and 500wh battery pack, which is designed to provide more torque, allowing the bike to power up hills and transport large loads of cargo.

According to Yuba, the Electric Supermarché’s low center of gravity is the hallmark of the its nimble handling and excellent stability, largely due to the bike’s cable actuated steering, which the company says, “allows for more versatile and seamless steering range, and ease of movement for a bike of its size.”

The Electric Supermarché is capable of carrying up to three children, or 220 pounds of cargo up front and 80 pounds on the bike’s integrated rear cargo rack.

The Supermarché will retail for $5,999, with availability starting in September.

Yuba will showcase the new Electric Supermarché during next month’s annual Eurobike show in Reno, Nevada.




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