- - Zipp Partners with Goodyear on Tires Specifically Designed for Its 3-Series Wheelsets

Zipp Partners with Goodyear on Tires Specifically Designed for Its 3-Series Wheelsets

Zipp has partnered with Goodyear to develop tires specially for its 3-series wheelsets, which feature a newly developed tread cap and casing to optimize safety and performance with all of its wheels that feature a 25mm internal width, particularly those with hookless rims like the 353 NSW and 303 Firecrest wheels.

Dubbed the Vector R, the basic science behind the tire prevents the tread from distorting when used in conjunction with wide-profile rims, ensuring secure, precise run-out at all times, especially under corning, again thanks to the tire’s new tread cap and robust casing.

“Goodyear Vector R tires for Zipp are unique because they are the first bicycle tires designed specifically for use on Zipp’s 303/353 25mm internal hookless, tubeless rims. We have worked with the designers at Goodyear to create a tire with the casing plies in the right place and the tread cap shaped properly for the tire on a wide, hookless rim. The tire measures true to the label size on our rims,” says Zipp.

“The Vector R Z30 NSW is a large volume, lightweight road tire designed for long-distance riding across varying conditions. A super-supple 150tpi (threads per inch) casing and short-ply construction perfectly complement the Zipp 353 NSW wheels, while the high-grip Dynamic:UHP compound provides the ultra-low rolling resistance needed to conquer mountain summits. Underneath the tread, the R:Shield breaker [anti-puncture belt] provides added protection for all-day riding,” adds Goodyear.

The Vector R is offered in three guises, the Vector R NSW 30 T2, Vector R SW 30 T2 and the Vector R SW 35 T2.

The Vector R NSW 30 T2 is considered the lightweight racing and climbing option, which features a 150tpi short-ply casing and Goodyears’ R:Shield puncture protection layer and Dynamic:UHP compound for low rolling resistance and high grip, while the Vector R SW 30 T2 and Vector R 35 T2 have the same 120tpi casing, but a thicker tread cap for longer tread life and a bit more puncture resistance.

The Vector R NSW 30 T2 is available in 700×30 only, which weighs in at a claimed 275-280g. The Vector R SW 30 T2 and Vector R 35 T2 are offered in 700×30 and 700×35, which tip the scales at 325g and 365g, respectively.  

All variants sell for $90.00.



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