- - Tektro Develops New Entry-Level 9-Speed Drivetrain for E-Bikes

Tektro Develops New Entry-Level 9-Speed Drivetrain for E-Bikes

Working in partnership with the German eBike specialist Conway bikes, Tektro has developed a new 9-speed drivetrain aptly called the E-DRIVE 9 that’s aimed at the entry-level eBike segment.

According to Tektro, the E-Drive 9 is designed to improved serviceability and durability of components based on eBike specific wear characteristics, while also reducing lifetime ownership costs for customers riding more affordable eBikes. 

With this in mind, Tektro has delivered a cassette with a three ratio cluster, which is independently replaceable (the 11-13-16 smallest sprockets) of the main cassette body, specifically addressing wear characteristics widely identified as electric bike specific. Moreover, the 11-46 cassette has also been paired with a rear derailleur that features a clutch mechanism, a set-up that is typically seen on more performance oriented components, again resulting in enhanced durability through improved performance, while reducing long-term cost of ownership.

Tektro E-Bike Solutions was created in 2017 in response to customer requests for a more robust braking system for e-bikes. Likewise, Tektro said the development of E-DRIVE 9 came from customers looking for a more low-wear shifting solution for entry-level e-bikes.

E-DRIVE 9 is currently to only be available as OEM for manufacturers of electric bikes.





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